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Friday, 9 December 2011


This week I made a pavlova.  I made it because we had a huge pineapple from our garden!

Here is the recipe to make pavlova:

4 egg whites
pinch of salt
200g caster sugar
1 tsp cornflour
1 tsp vanilla essence
1tsp lemon juice
carton cream
fresh fruits

Preheat oven to 140C
Add salt to egg whites+whisk until very stiff
Gradually add sugar, whisking until very stiff
Stir in cornflour, vanilla+lemon
Spoon onto baking sheet+form 3cm deep circle
Bake 1hr until looks pale brown+ hard to touch
Cool+top with cream and fruit

I found cracking the eggs hard because I accidently let some of the yolk in!
I also found whisking a bit hard because I couldn't keep my arm up for long!!

I hope you like it to!


  1. Another tasty dessert Elise! Thanks for baking it for us!!

    Love Mumxx

  2. Looks delicious! How wonderful to have fresh pineapples in your garden.

  3. Wowzers! I remember trying to whisk egg whites by hand one time a few years ago... you are a champ! And a fresh pineapple from your garden? Thanks amazing! Way to go, girl!!!

  4. Pavlova is one of my all time favourite deserts and yours looks amazing!

    I think you are very clever to have made this, I'm not even sure I am confident enough to attempt it.

    Well done!

    Michelle :o)